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$25 by Rick Foulger 9 months ago
$50 by Chandan Bhatt 9 months ago
$50 by Angela Price 9 months ago

I appreciate you great people and the work you do for all of us.

$100 by Bob Dean 9 months ago
$100 by Luca savazzi 9 months ago
$35 by Margaret Stegman 9 months ago
$100 by Sarah Sherk 9 months ago
$50 by Rhianna Langille 9 months ago
$50 by Adam Sutherland 9 months ago

We need to do more to think and act to preserve our local ecosystems. Our community watersheds that drain into Kootenay Lake are under increasing threats from over-logging and from wild fires due to climate change. Very important for Ecosociety to take more of a leadership role in thinking and acting locally.

$100 by Dana 9 months ago

Thanks again for all your hard work.

-- by Anonymous 9 months ago
-- by Judy O’Leary 9 months ago

Great accomplishments for 2017. On to 100% renewable!

-- by Anonymous 9 months ago
-- by Chris and Gerry Sobie 9 months ago

Keep up the good work. Don't forget us in Castlegar; work needs to be done here too.

$25 by Andre Charles Piver 9 months ago
$30 by Anne Simonen 9 months ago
$50 by Robert john richards 9 months ago
$50 by Lucia Lopez-Perez 9 months ago

All the best!!

$100 by Elisabeth Sawyer 9 months ago
-- by Alison Carroll 9 months ago
$400 by Michael Grace 10 months ago

Your contribution will go towards our urgent campaigns and office space where our volunteers and staff work to protect your community and wilderness.

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