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$25 per year by Andromeda Drake 1 day ago
$25 by Steven Goodson 1 day ago
$25 per year by Lori Lawe 4 days ago
$25 per year by Anonymous 6 days ago
$25 per year by Rick Foulger 6 days ago
$50 per year by John Garmeson Fyke 1 week ago
$25 by Bruce Gardave 1 week ago

Great grassroots organization, part of what makes Nelson and the Kootenays so special.

$25 per year by Andromeda Drake 1 week ago
$50 per year by Steven J Cretney 1 week ago
$25 per year by Lynda Morin 1 week ago
$25 per year by Marc Brillon 1 week ago
$25 per year by Liz Knox 1 week ago
$25 per year by Sandra Nelken 1 week ago
$25 per year by Donna Macdonald 1 week ago

Thanks for everything you do!

-- per year by Chris Charlwood 1 week ago

Great organization!

$25 per year by Shirley Lambrecht 1 week ago
$25 per year by Celesttina Hart 1 week ago
-- per year by Barbara Brown 1 week ago
$20 per year by Candace Holt 1 week ago
$25 per year by Carole Summer 1 week ago

I think this is a renewal.

$100 by Audry Early 1 week ago

Just installing solar panels. Go EcoSociety! p.s. Cell phone number does not work in Winlaw.

$25 per year by Mary Gay 1 week ago

You care about protecting places of natural wonder. You see the value in building local, sustainable food systems that support small growers and producers in our region. You feel the urgency of taking action on climate change, by building community capacity for the just transition onto 100% renewable energy.

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