Raise the Roof for Nelson Waldorf School!

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$50 by Kathrin Drewitz 1 day ago

ART FOR THE ROOF ~ A ROOF FOR THE ARTS! Proceeds from Amelie's art sale at the Winter Faire ~ thanks to all our supporters!

-- by Heidi Jeannotte 2 days ago

May Gods blessings be good to all of you this year in raising all that you need in this fundraiser. Also thank you for loving and teaching our grandchildren. Merry Christmas.

$50 by Anonymous 4 days ago

For Jasmine Lebel

-- by Anonymous 4 days ago
-- by Kristina Hus 6 days ago
-- by Dorita Van Vugt 1 week ago

This school was the best thing that ever happened to our two youngest daughters. They are both foresters with a great love and respect for nature and the great outdoors and...they still LOVE TO LEARN!

$25 by Antoinette Janssen 1 week ago

My grandchild is a pupil of the Nelson Waldorf school, Mahdi is her name. Good luck to you all, and best wishes from Norway

$100 by Dominique Lepage 1 week ago
-- by Blake A Thomson 1 week ago
-- by Amy Garvey 1 week ago
$25 by Kathrin Drewitz 1 week ago
$100 by Snow Colbeck 1 week ago
$75 by Yaron Shaool 1 week ago

Ruby and Yacov Shaool for Eliana, Gala, and Emilia

-- by Julius Halaschek-Wiener 1 week ago
$25 by Drew Jana Danniels 1 week ago
-- by Deborah Wilkins 1 week ago
$100 by Diana Finley 1 week ago
$25 by Claire Giguère 1 week ago
$250 by Lucas Pitts 1 week ago
$500 by Jane DiGiacomo 1 week ago
$250 by Marijke van Wijk 1 week ago

So worth it. Wishing you success.

$100 by Fran van Bruggen 1 week ago

I shingle for each of our grandkids!!

$25 by Jack Searchfield 1 week ago

Best of luck with the fundraiser!

$25 by Nichola Lytle 1 week ago
-- by Janice Hatt 1 week ago

Great choice for this year's donation. Merry Christmas Nicole & Chris. Larry & Mom/Jan

-- by Sophia Hurst 1 week ago
-- by Robin Charlwood 1 week ago

Two shingles for Somer, two for Luc :-)

$25 by Chris Charlwood 1 week ago

What a great school!

The history of the Waldorf School in Nelson goes back to 1961 when the Silver King ski lodge was first built.  The school itself started in 1986 and had moved to our current 30 acre campus by 1990. After 27 years, some of our buildings have started to show their age, and many of our roofs are in need of replacement.  As a registered not for profit charity, we rely on government funding and donations.

We Need Your Help To Fix Our Roof!

We are now asking for your assistance in helping us pay for replacement of our main school building roof  by donating today. Here is how your donations can help:

$500 = buys 20 roof shingles
$250 = buys 10 roof shingles
$100 = buys 4 roof shingles
$50 = buys 2 roof shingles
$25 = buys 1 roof shingle

Please donate by midnight Pacific time December 31st, 2017 to receive a tax deductible receipt via email. Even if we don't meet our goal, all funds will be saved for the roof repairs. If we do, extra funds will be invested in school ground repairs & improvements. 

Thank you to our generous sponsor!
Cowans Office Supply

We also wanted to share a local video below, narrated by one of our Waldorf Alumni. A new roof will protect our watercolour paintings, the bread we bake, as well as maintain a safe place for our science experiments, woodworking tools, and sporting events.

For any questions please call us at (250) 352-6919 or email info@nelsonwaldorf.org.

Nelson Waldorf School | 3648 Silverking Ski Hill Rd, Nelson B.C. V1L 5P9 Canada